Prof. Afif El-Khuffash- Babies, Breastfeeding and Art. Episode #019

Dr Afif  EL-Khuffash  is a Consultant Neonatologist Paediatrician and lactation consultant at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. He is also an accomplished artist. We discuss his career as  a neonatologist and his venture into painting. We also discuss the marathon sport that is breastfeeding and  how the women of Ireland need more support with their breastfeeding journeys. This was a beautiful conversation.

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Podcast Episode Timestamps

00:01:14 – Early education and interest in medicine

00:06:19 – Similarities between Ireland and the Arab world

00:18:30 – religion and beliefs

00:26:55 – getting into neonocology

00:40:00 – all things breast feeding 

00:75:25 – c-section and breastfeeding

00:85:55 – breastfeeding and medications

00:96:50 – artwork 

00:108:55 – weaning children

00:111:38 – advice to young people

00:113:09 – what is the meaning of life?

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