James Mac- a life with Tourettes, drag, creativity and make up. Episode #018

James Mac is an incredibly talented makeup and drag artist who appeared on the Netflix series GlOWUP UK. This is a conversation about his journey living with Tourette’s, finding his true calling in life, coming out in rural Ireland, and his overnight TV success. 

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Episode timestamps:

00:01:29 – Intro

00:03:24 – Early life,  finding his artistry and interest in makeup

00:14:34 – Crossdressing, drag and coming out in rural Ireland 

00:20:14 – What is drag?

00:26:12 – Glow UP and James’ career after the show 

00:30:04 – Living with Tourette’s 

00:52:14 – Burning Out

00:54:39 – Social Media 

00:59:29 – Life after Glow Up

01:04:09 – ‘Coming Out’ in Rural Ireland 

01:20:54 – World Aids Day & the HIV Stigma

01:30:24 – Advice for young people

01:32:24 – Meaning of Life

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