Sonya Lennon- fashion, confidence, body image & inner strength - episode #51

Sonya Lennon and I talk fashion, confidence, body image  and finding your inner strength.

🎤 This podcast is sponsored by TENA 

👩‍🔬From my years working in pharmacy, it doesn’t surprise me that TENA are the global leader, and trusted by millions for products that help manage urinary incontinence both day and night. 

They’ve been developing incontinence products for over 60 years that protect securely against leaks, odour and moisture, offering a range that includes discreet feminine pads and liners and absorbent underwear. 

TENA are passionate about supporting anyone with bladder sensitivity, allowing people of all ages to continue to enjoy active and fulfilling lives. 

TENA is available to buy in Tesco, Supervalu, Dunnes, and leading Pharmacies. For more information go to

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