Switch Off & Plug in to JOY. How To Reset When The World Is In a State of Chaos…

Switch Off & Plug in to JOY.

It seems as if the whole world is reeling from one crisis to another, doesn’t it? And all of us are aboard this Terrible Titanic, listing violently from side to side.

 It’s no wonder all of us are feeling off, distressed, distracted… In fact, I think you’d have to be on another planet not to feel the dysregulation. 

How did we get here? 

Again. Another war… another parade of atrocities on our screens…. What can we do? We didn’t get a say in any of it. Did those living in Palestine, Israel, Ukraine…pick a place on our blue planet- did they get a say in the war being waged?

And I feel helpless, just like you do.  It seems too big in scope. I’m taking it all in and yet none of it in as well. Numb. 

But we can’t look away… we shouldn’t look away… there’s our internal judgement… we are ‘bad’ if we refuse to see, offer an opinion, but make sure it’s the ‘right’ opinion. 

And so we keep looking… down a looking glass… our phones and screens blipping away at us. Look over here… and here… over here…! Heave- ho…

It is not our job to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We cannot. It is breaking us. I can see it and I am sure you can too. There is no way we can keep up with the daily barrage of information. And yet, because of the algorithm’s design to keep your attention, the steady drip, drip, drip keeps you returning to the screen. 


Maybe we might need to change the aperture of our gaze. There’s got to be a better way. No, I’m not going all PollyAnna here.

But you can step away from the 💩 show… draw your lines and refine your focus where your energy might best be placed. How useful am I really by being consumed by that which is beyond my control?

Am I unkind to say this? I don’t think so.

 I’ll tell you where I was unkind.  I was unkind when I shouted at my child the other day on the way to school. I was pensive, withdrawn… He was with me in the car and I was miles away. I thought to myself that he didn't deserve this- what child deserves any of what our world is doing right now? What he deserves is a mother fully present, love… It’s what I deserve and you do too,  and to use my energy positively rather than down rabbit holes and doom scrolling and reading endless online ‘discussions’ showing people shouting at each other. 

What we can do is choose wisely where to spend our time. 

What we want to do here is build a community that supports and enlightens

This is not to make light of the serious state of affairs. It’s to shed light on each other through these dark times. For how can we be of any use if we ourselves are drained? 

Laura’s Lives

Through having the chats, seeing if we can make life a little easier for each other in these challenging times, we can make the load a little lighter. In fact, the reason why Laura created her Fabuwellness blends was to offer solutions to the most common complaints she’d heard in her over 20 years as a pharmacist.

Hit the RESET & Plug into Joy

You know when your tech isn’t working properly and they ask you to unplug everything to reset the settings? I believe that’s where we are now. It’s time to switch off and reset to JOY. We want to make this place safe to offer uplifting stories, solutions or maybe share failures too.  In doing so, we feel less alone. 

Surely that’s something.

It’s Oiche Samhain as I write this and I feel our Celtic ancestors knew about the coming winter months. From lighting the lanterns in the darkness, to switching off the fields to rest before the long, dark days, while the Soul Cake- the Barm Bracks- were made to keep us full when stores ran bare… There was a connection to community and to Nature that made sense and there was a groundedness in it as sure as the fields they laid to sleep for the winter. 

You can be a better caretaker of your internal landscape. Start by lessening. Restrict the images, the news feed that feeds the algorithm but starves you. We need to shift priority to preserve our humanity to continue to do good, right here, right where you are, inside yourself first. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

As Laura’s Lives revealed, we are all holding a lot of stuff from the difficulties of parenting kids and elderly parents alike, from Midlife and WTF is that hair doing on my chin again?

We Want to Support Your Vulva… and other Bits. 

No. Really…

So what if we could offer you a respite here? 

Not a head in the sand, fingers in in ears “la la la” I can’t hear you. That’s a kind of ignorant impossibility- and you are neither. We want to celebrate your fabliss possibility! 

And so the the first VIVA LA VULVA LIVE - fabuwellness tour was born! 

Something for us to look forward to, in the darker months ahead! Packed full (the event not your…oh, go on…) of fabliss speakers. We’ll learn with Aoife Harvey and pee our pants with Kyla Cobbler Comedy anyways! And for a little extra spice we can lead in the bedroom with Grace Alice Ó Sé.

Sure what more would you want? Oh- a little dinner and bubbles and fabliss goodie bags! SIGN ME UP!

We hope to offer an opportunity to uplift and encourage. That’s our aim here. We want to lighten the load, and the dark days of winter. With better health inside and out,  despite the storm around us, we might find pockets of peace & joy. 

We can’t wait to meet you.

Viva La Vulva!!

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