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Why Meditation Actually Works  | fabuwellness | Wellness Blog

Why Meditation Actually Works

I know, I know… the whole thought of sitting cross legged while burning incense isn’t your cup of tea. Probably not even Barry’s either… And besides, who can sit still anymore? Without thoughts? That would drive me crazy and give me leg cramps.

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Love Is In the Air… and the Post  | fabuwellness | Wellness Blog

Love Is In the Air… and the Post

Some may say, rather cynically, that Valentine’s Day is another corporate invention by Hallmark to sell cards during a rather bleak month for retail. But I’m not a cynic, I'm a sucker for… sorry, what’s that? Oh Hallmark sells 145 million cards? Valentines is their second largest holiday for sales…. 

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Feed Me Love…. No Really… Feed ME!  | fabuwellness | Wellness Blog

Feed Me Love…. No Really… Feed ME!

Cooking with Love Silky Smoked Salmon Pasta  My pasta with salmon, cream, and tomatoes… is all you need for a meal that will satisfy, not break the bank Almost 80% of people struggling with cost-of-living crisis, survey finds  or leave you in a sweat around sharp knives and boiling pots. 

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Ancient Goddess, Modern Prowess | fabuwellness wellness blog

Ancient Goddess, Modern Prowess

Saint Brigid An Ancient Woman For Modern Times? For the first time in modern history Ireland will have its first (and only) female patron Saint Day declared a holiday. February 1st, the feast of St. Brigid, has been long celebrated in the Irish countryside. 

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