Prof. Kingston Mills: Immunology, preventing alzheimer's, vaccines for cancer & HIV and athletics Episode #017

Prof. Kingston Mills is a Professor of Experimental Immunology at Trinity College Dublin. He became a household name during the pandemic by keeping us all informed, and he used his vast knowledge, professional expertise, and sound judgement to full effect. 
We discuss his athletics and science careers, the ongoing battle to prevent alzheimer's disease, as well as the evolving vaccines for cancer and HIV. We also discuss his views on covid, and whether there are other infectious disease or threats looming…  
This is such an interesting conversation and one for all the family! 

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Here are the time stamps for this podcast episode:

00:00:45 - intro

00:01:45 - early life, athletics and science career 

00:09:04- immunology 

00:10:10- exercise

00:14:10 -covid

00:27:40- antibiotics and vaccines

00:33:33- vaccines for cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases

00:41:30- covid lifting

00:43:43- are there any viral threats in the future?

45:45- new drugs and immunology

00:47:48- exercise, sports and health

00: 54: 10- advice to young people and what’s the meaning of life?

01:00: 04- will online learning make lecture theatres a thing of the past. 


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