Out, Out Damned Spot! Acne- It’s not shallow to feel bad about your skin

Don't be shy about spots

If there’s one thing that can ruin a night out, it’s a spot. And it’s quite another thing when your face, or shoulders and back, are covered with spots. In fact, low mood and depression are associated with acne- so it’s nothing to make light of. In the age of Instagram and constant image projection, the pressure for ‘perfect skin’ is greater than ever. We at fabuwellness: fabÜ nutritional supplements want to help you feel and look your best, inside and out. 

Gently Does It….

All forms of skincare have to be gently done. Just because your skin is driving you mad, you don't have to be a madwoman going at it. In fact, the more aggressively you squeeze and scrub, the more unhappy your skin will become. 

If you're scrubbing your face with apricot kernels or like the 13 year old me, you thought lemon juice applied to the skin while you sit in the sun would work … we need to talk… seriously.

Acne 101

Acne 101

First, let's chat about spots in general before getting to the “A” word. We at Fabüwellness want to help clarify, not only your skin, but the confusion around skin conditions. It’s a murky swamp of expensive lotions and potions… so let’s wade in… 🏊

All forms of spots and acne are inflammatory reactions. It could be triggered by food, your hormones, or stress. So the key is gently does it when you cleanse, tone, and moisturise. 

External Treatments

  • Cleanse with gentle ingredients such as squalene oil. 
  • Oil?? WHAT?  Calm down, ladies and boys-  this will NOT clog your pores.  The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser is a great, affordable one.  Cerave also does great cleansers- they have two options- one with salicylic acid which gently exfoliates with an acid (not fruit kernels- drop the nuts kids!) Welcome to CeraVe: Your Skincare Expert | CeraVe or another with ceramides to maintain your skin barrier. 

    The DOUBLE CLEANSE is real. You need this especially if you’re wearing makeup; first to remove the makeup, second to cleanse the skin. Apply the cleanser first, use a clean cotton or flannel face cloth and then gently sweep over face.  If you’re further down the path of life, or have that joyful combo of dry skin and spots, consider a balm like Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter - The Body Shop It’s also a great excuse to massage your face which makes you feel like you’re in spa. 

  • Acids to Tone  An acid is far preferable to scraping your skin raw.
  • The most gentle is lactic acid- Lactic Acid 5% + HA | The Ordinary , with the addition of hyaluronic acid- helps lock in moisture- in a good way. We’ve all applied way too much drying stuff on the skin, only to wake up the next morning as desiccated as a Mikado biscuit- NOT a good look. 

    Next up is Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant | Paula's Choice; a mid-strength toner. 

    Then best for overall skin resurfacing to clear blackhead forming sebum, is a glycolic acid toner The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution which can help boost collagen production as well. 

  • Moisturisers & Facial Oils MORE OILS! I hear you roar… yes, I hear you. Don't be fooled into thinking your skin doesn’t need some moisturizing.  It does. Remember the skin barrier? If you damage this, you’ll have a much longer road to calm skin. If your skin is very oily, again Cerave has an oil free option Facial Moisturizers for Healthy Skin - CeraVe or if you’re slightly more more, ahem, mature, you can’t go wrong with Oil of Olay. You could splurge on a super expensive one…but why? 
  • Facial Oils are Your Friends  Really. One of the best on the market is 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil | The Ordinary - it’s simple, won’t make you look shiny and is beautifully absorbed. A few drops of this after your nighttime routine and you’ll awaken fresh as a daisy. Or a rosehip….
  • Spot On My Chin

    But What About That Spot On My Chin NOW?

    Topical treatments for the occasional spot (s) around the chin or t-zone can be helped with Benzoyl peroxide which acts to clear the bacteria. Sometimes this can be too drying so try products that contain sulphur. A great overnight spot treatment and weekly mask is Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask - Kiehl's Find out which topical treatment works best for you. Also according to the fabulous Prof. Nicola Ralph, a recent guest on Laura’s podcast The Laura Dowling Experience on Apple Podcasts skincare basics are as easy as A, B, C SPF…! Vitamin B is a great ingredient used topically in The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% which when coupled with the anti inflammatory effects of Zinc gives your skin the rest and care it needs.

    When Nothing Works You Need To Call In The Big Guns

    Occasionally no matter how conscientious  you are with your diet and cleansing, your acne just won't bugger off. Then you’ll need to call a dermatologist to get you assessed. They may prescribe an oral antibiotic Antibiotics for Acne: Groundbreaking Study Shows Why One Works … although the side effects on the gut microbiome need careful balance;  this is a discussion to have with your healthcare practitioner. 

    For some only Roaccutane Isotretinoin capsules (Roaccutane): medicine to treat acne - NHS will work. This is an oral version of vitamin A. It is highly effective and safe when used under medical supervision. For some acne sufferers, it really can be their lifeline from often painful skin, restoring self confidence and joy. 

    Beauty Counts on The Inside Too- What About Supplements?

    Stress and poor digestion can lead to poor skin. We’ve all looked at ourselves after a night on the town and wondered who is that person looking back at me? The jury is out on diet- some argue sugar and dairy are culprits for acne and spots. It is probably a combination of many things. Let’s not get our knickers in a knot and control the controllables- let’s start with sleep. fabÜ R&R RELAX - fabuwellness provides a beautiful blend of Ashwagandha and B vitamins to soothe what ails you so you can be refreshed by a good night’s sleep so all your systems get rebooted, including your skin. Add to that fabÜ SKIN GLOW - fabuwellness specifically geared for glowing skin with Reishi mushrooms and Zinc- that anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

    At the end of the day, we all want to glow with confidence and having a good skincare routine that works can make all the difference. 

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