Siobhan Murray - Psychotherapist & burnout strategist #38

Siobhan Murray discusses how we can support our physical, emotional, mental and social health to achieve a sense of overall wellbeing. 

Siobhan shares her unique life experiences as a neurodivergent person.  A perpetual "people pleaser", this led her to constantly push herself to prove her worth to others, ultimately resulting in burnout. This continued for 20 years, with burnout becoming a reoccurring throughout. To cope, she self-medicated with alcohol, thinking it was a way to destress. However, the reality was she was emotionally, physically, and mentally burnt out. In this podcast, she tells us how she finally broek this cycle and chose a different path.

Siobhan has a wide range of qualifications - BSc (Coun and Psych), ProfDip. Transformational Coaching, Certified Personal Trainer, Dip. Mindfulness, Master Practitioner NLP and ProfDip Positive Health (RCSI Centre for Positive Health Sciences).

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